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A sea change for reusable bottles

Sometimes, it takes a while for reality to bite.

At NDA Packaging Services we’ve dedicated over fifteen years to the reusable water bottle business and have always striven to be environmentally visionary.

So in an industry in which a ‘sports bottle’ has predominantly been viewed as another merchandising item, we have been progressive in championing its role in facilitating refilling and reuse and helping reduce the waste created by single-use water bottles.

We’ve even helped initiate the award winning HydraChill Water Refilling Stations; a solution to refilling your water bottle ‘on the go’

Historically we have embedded our argument for a cleaner environment under the general umbrella of global warning, championing UK tap water’s contribution as a more carbon efficient alternative.

However, such is the enormity of the global warming challenge that reusing your water bottle can seem a token measure, set against the sheer scale of the challenge.

 It’s when we can physically begin to see the accumulative consequences of the alternative, that the call for change can take renewed momentum.  

The real sea change we are describing for reusable bottle use, is an oncoming message Tsunami, now on a screen or newspaper near you and justifiably described as a menace which rivals global warming.

Thanks to the recent impact of campaigns such as Sky’s “Ocean Rescue “ and the #OneLess crusade, we are at last able to visualise and quantify the scale of environmental damage created by single-use plastics. 

Sky’s highly effective life-size touring UK whale, represented a real-life whale found dying with its stomach full of plastic. “Plasticus” was made up of a quarter of a ton of plastic, the amount that enters our oceans every second.

Marine biologists supporting the #OneLess campaign are presenting an even bigger picture. At sea an area 166 times the size of London is already covered in plastic waste. Since plastic is a relatively new phenomenon and takes centuries to break down, this can only accumulate endlessly unless we change our practices.

This accumulation threatens our oceans health and our own, as the microplastics become absorbed by fish and enter our food chain.

It’s a huge and complex challenge. Yet for both Sky and #OneLess
 recommending the first step solution is simple. “Retain, refill and reuse your bottles, please”.

It's a habit we've long recommended.
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