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The more things change the more they will stay the same. Until we preach what we practise.

They say the more things change, the more they stay the same. If ever a theory was going to be tested to destruction, this was the year.

To those customers and friends who may have lost loved ones, we extend our sincerest sympathies.

For some businesses too, the effect has been terminal. I shudder to think what the impact might have been on our own business had the pandemic occurred when we were new and more financially exposed.

For most of us though, change has meant adaptation. Adapting to the new normal and for the more creative, even helping to shape it.  The post-Covid world presents new behavioural opportunities, but surely for the betterment of not just our health but our environment. Neither of which are mutually exclusive.

With schools having returned and businesses starting or preparing to re-open, we’ve taken a positive proactive approach ready for what ensues, with even more solutions for refill and reuse support, bottles and refilling stations.

But then some images over the weekend have shocked to the point where we must realise we cannot exist in a green vacuum. We fail to progress a healthy post Covid world unless we fuse environmental care in the recovery package.

Because when we see debris scenes like this, we have to ask what are we teaching, or failing to teach, as teachers and parents?

For our party, we can continue to develop the finest range or reusable bottles and the cleverest range of water refilling stations and will. However until we all inject personal reuse responsibility into our post Covid DNA, the ultimate threat to our existence remains every bit as severe.

Be absolutely sure, we need to call on all corporate bodies and businesses, ourselves included, to build re-use and refill capability into every item, principle and practise, as core.  But unless as parents and teachers we learn to preach what we also practise, how can we ever expect those we teach and support to do the same?
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