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Today is World Health Awareness Day and a celebration of International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.  A chance to celebrate the work of nurses and midwives and remind world leaders of the critical role they in keeping the world healthy.

The esteem with which the NHS is held, its nurses and midwives, along with each and every member of the service, is clear for all to see during this difficult time. It’s another example of how the NHS endured to celebrate its 70th birthday in 2018.  We’d like to add our sincere and grateful thanks and our unwavering support. Long may people remember their unfailing efforts.

Whilst we celebrate the commitment and efforts of our nurses and midwives, prior, during Covid-19, and beyond, here at NDA Packaging Services we’re in the business of keeping the nation hydrated in a safe and environmentally sustainable way, and so today we are asking how does the NHS ensure the basic hydration needs of its staff whilst at work is being met?

The importance of good hydration is understood only too well in the NHS, essential to not only staying alive but also for muscle efficiency, skin elasticity, keeping our moods and behaviour balanced and cognitive function. In case we’d forgotten, this of course applies to hospital staff, too. Hospital staff pay so much attention to patient hydration needs, they can sometimes overlook their own. 

Most people drink below their daily quota. Busy working people more so. The European Food Safety Authority recommends that the minimum daily levels of water consumption should be 2 litres for men and 1.6 litres for women. Many people fall short of this causing an alarming number of de-hydrated individuals.

Generally, the body’s water filters are fine-tuned to manage the water balance in our blood systems. Dehydration however can cause a variety of symptoms including headaches, fatigue, lack of focus, dizziness, and in some severe cases, fainting.

Studies have shown that at about 1% dehydration (equivalent of 1% of body weight water loss) there are negative effects on mental and physical function and these become more severe as dehydration gets worse.

Access to water and staying hydrated is so very important. Water packaged in disposable bottles is shockingly costly when compared to mains-fed drinking water. In the UK we have among the best quality tap water in the world but not always the easiest access to hygienic refilling options.

NDA Packaging Services have dedicated over fifteen years to the reusable water bottle business, always striving to be environmentally visionary. Progressive in championing its role in facilitating refilling and reuse and helping reduce the waste created by single-use water bottles.

The valve technology utilised in our pioneering ‘hands-free lids’, was originally developed for NASA, specifically for astronauts. The valve opens when sucking for water and automatically closes to prevent free flow (leaks). For the NHS we went a step further. Working initially with West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trusts, we introduced an integrated over-cap system that gave added protection against cross contamination and enabled our bottles to be approved for use in clinical environments. In so doing we crossed a vital threshold in our efforts to ensure that NHS staff can keep hydrated throughout our hospitals. From West Suffolk the project has already rolled out to nearly twenty other Trusts.

Meantime, HydraChill Water Refilling Stations, developed by one of our directors, have led the way in free hygienic access to fresh chilled & filtered mains-fed drinking water. These global award-winning refill units deliver water in the most hygienic method possible, by totally eliminating any possibility for cross contamination. They can even vend our approved reusable water bottles for those without a convenient container.

Launched initially with UK Water Industry support as part of the Water For Health Initiative, HydraChills can be strikingly brand customised and messaged. They can be seen across UK universities, commuter and river services in London, sports facilities and a growing number of schools and leading businesses. Hospitals are sure to follow, as our work with the NHS expands.

“We’re passionate about pioneering better health and environmental solutions. Water is required for life, and we need to keep our NHS staff safe,” says Nick Davis, Managing Director, of NDA Packaging Services and HydraChill Ltd.  “We’re especially proud that our reusable bottles have been approved for clinical environments. There’s never been a more pressing time to take action in supporting staff hydration. We’d like to think we’re here to help.”

The World Health Organisation is calling on everybody’s support to ensure that the nursing and midwifery workforces are strong enough to ensure that everyone, everywhere gets the healthcare they need.



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